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Doctor: In Quebec, once a doctor has completed all the requirements outlined by the College des Medecins, the doctor can start practising medical aesthetic injections immediately. Nurse: After obtaining CAMP certification, a nurse will be highly qualified to practise medical aesthetics in a safe manner. In Quebec, a nurse cannot practise without a medical director. Because we train both doctors and nurses, we will have the opportunity to try to match a nurse up with a medical director. Because we train both doctors and nurses, we can provide the nurse an opportunity to work with a medical director.

Once you have enrolled in our training, we will arrange your registration with CBAM to access their online platform.

The one day package will introduce you to neuromodulator injections and is meant as an introduction to see if you would like to consider a career in medical aesthetics. The two day package adds the use of hyaluronic filler using a needle technique to advance your training. The four day package is our most comprehensive program and is the program that can lead to CAMP certification.

CBAM and CAMP certification are optional. The advantages of certification is that you have proven your knowledge by completing a formal exam process and these certifications are recognized in many countries. For nurses it will allow them the opportunity to be teamed up with a medical director.

The CBAM board certification will have trained you in medical aesthetics. Should you want to get add medical aesthetics to your practise, you will need to be approved by the College des Medecins du Quebec. This requires 4 practical days of training with a doctor approved by the College des Medecins du Quebec with the cost set out by them. Because you have already undertaken the CBAM practical course, you will save the cost of the online CBAM training.

By completing the CAMP certification you will be well trained to start your medical injections. We will try to introduce you to a medical director. Because we train doctors, we will do our best to introduce you to one. If we can’t find one at first, we have a program where you can inject your own clients at our clinic with Dr Guzzo as your medical director.

The only advantage is that it will allow you the chance to move through the program more quickly. If you’ve never injected before, it might be worth signing up for the 1 day package to see if you enjoy injecting and to determine whether you possess the competence to inject safely. If so, you can then try the second day. As well Dr Guzzo will give you feedback early so that you don’t go through the full program should you not possess the competence. To provide an honest approach, we offer 3 different packages with no financial advantage to signing up early for a full package. You can add more days as you go.

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